DEEP WITHIN a new film by Urszula Nawrot

Production has began.

DEEP WITHIN is a full-length feature film where realit intertwines with the inner world.

A poetic story about getting to know oneself, reaching the deepest mysteries of the human psyche. Using the symbolism of image, music and dance, the film takes us into the inner world of protagonist. After years of escaping from her past, she is forced to take an inner journey and gets a chance to reconcile with herself.

Over 40 international awards for Umbra, including Best Director and Best Original Concept. Recognition of specialists in the field of psychiatry and psychology. Vivid therapeutic use confirmed by psychotherapists. All this resulted in a new project by the author and director Umbra.

The direct inspiration for the film was the Internal Family System therapeutic method, which is based on working with the internal structures of the psyche and their transformation.

DEEP WITHIN is the story of a woman who experienced relationship trauma with immediate family in childhood. A huge problem nowadays is the misunderstanding of how many wounds are inflicted on a child as a result of inappropriate relationships in the immediate family. How does this affect their adult lives? Often trauma is associated with a one-time strong experience that left a wound on the psyche, caused freezing and dissociation, however, relational trauma, ALSO CALLED CUMULATIVE, is a slow build-up of harmful behavior. It is like a drop of water that, dripping over the years, drills a hole in the rock. Its devastating impact is that the child’s negative self-portrait is perpetuated step by step, going deep into the psyche. Reaching the memory, it is impossible to indicate a specific cause or event, so the child’s feelings can be easily negated. A single memory does not carry such a strong charge as to be considered devastating. However, the number of repeated smaller incidents can already cause huge harm. Children do not understand the situation they are in, and often express their suffering through art, replacing the lack of knowledge with a symbol and an archetype. Relationship trauma can result from neglect, ignoring the child’s needs, not seeing the child’s strengths and achievements, humiliating it, blaming it, etc… The wounds are all the deeper because the child has no one to turn to for help. Living in a pathological structure, it can adapt to it by splitting into 2 parts. One that will allow survival and one that remembers the hurt. This hurt is pushed deep into the unconscious, but it does not disappear. The biggest problem of adults who have fallen victim to relational trauma seems to be the survival strategies that a person builds in relation to the environment, having such harmful patterns. Most often they will be focused on avoiding intimacy, which is a source of abuse. Such people will want to control every aspect of their lives, minimizing situations over which they have no influence. This does not change the fact that the feeling of fear and emptiness under the influence of these strategies does not disappear.


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