Wing Tsun is like a journey through time with flashbacks to the character of the Shaolin female monk Ng Mui, a reformer of the traditional Shaolin combat system, who instead of imitating animals focused on using the natural capabilities of the human body, and Yim Wing Tsun, who learned kung fu from Ng Mui to protect herself from a local bully. They were followed by other masters who shaped Wing Tsun: Leung Bok Chau, Dr Leung Jan, Ip Man… Wing Tsun kung fu practitioners meet with them every time they practice, the old Masters are present in their movements.  They become shadows of the old masters.
To understand Wing Tsun in depth, we will travel with Sikung Norbert Maday, one of the first non-chinese kung fu grandmasters. We will see the challenges he faces in connection with his role. We will also meet his teacher, Sijo Leung Ting, founder of Wing Tsun Kung Fu system, the last student of the famous Ip Man. We will be able to look at Wing Tsun from his life experience perspective.
We will see also the role of martial arts in modern life through the eyes of Ola Gaus, master of Wing Tsun, who is currently fighting most important battle in her life. We will find out how Wing Tsun helped her overcome cancer and what values it brings to her life.
We will go back in time to the beginnings of martial arts, delving into Buddhist, Taoist philosophy, Confucian vision of interpersonal relationships and confront them with the challenges of the modern world. We will ask questions about what Wing Tsun can offer modern society, and what remains only a testimony from the past. At the same time, we will discover some secrets hidden in the Wing Tsun forms and show what messages from the past they bring.